Friday, 31 October 2014


We practise bhakti, or devotion, in order to achieve communion with the Supreme Master. We look upon Him with faith and reverence. By degrees we become so closely intimate to Him that every other object loses prominence in our eyes. This is submission to the will of the Master, or in other words, the beginning of self-surrender. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Self-Surrender", pg. 87, by Babuji Maharaj 


With all the innumerable forms, from the finest to the grossest, man is in existence in the material world as a true copy of the universe or the entire manifestation of God, represented by a complete circle from the outermost circumference to the innermost centre or zero. Now, the innermost centre, or zero, of a man's existence and that of God's manifestation is really the same. Realisation of God means the same as the realisation of Self, and vice versa. 

Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Realisation", pg. 95, by Babuji Maharaj

Monday, 27 October 2014

Reflections: Goal

The goal of life means nothing but the point we have finally to arrive at. It is, in other words, the reminiscence of our homeland, or the primeval state of our present solid existence which we have finally to return to. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "The Goal of Life", pg. 23, by Babuji Maharaj 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Reflections: Humanization

It (spirituality) is a way of being which ensures that individuals change from inside, as different from education, which changes you from outside or intellectually.... So when human beings are able to be changed from inside, the first stage in that is humanization. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Ripples of Love", pg. 273, by Revered Chariji 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Maha Meru Shree Yantra

Maha Meru Shree Yantra is considered to be the supreme of all shree yantra.This is Maha Meru Shree Yantra exclusive used for Rudra Pujan. Even very much used for Laxmi Yaganas. sriyantra - sriyantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful yantra. Its archetypal form is a ladder of spiritual ascent for the seeker. Viewed from the centre outwards, the Shree Yantra is a diagram of the hindu vision of the evolution of the cosmos. This ancient yantra has been used for millennia by higher in authority for attaining fame, power and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during kali-yuga to help achieve success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame. The Shree Yantra in the 3 dimensional meru type is popularly made in panchdatu meru prushtha Shree Yantra and is a multi pyramid cosmic grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers.

It is made of panchadhatu (five metals), Superfine 24 Carat Gold plated with geometrically perfect designed. Size of the yantra is 4” which considered being perfect according to our puranas. This is multi pyramidal geometry with Seven pyramid steps Sreeyantra brings in tremendous amount of affluence, abundance and harmony “Shree” means wealth and “Yantra” means Instrument - ”the instrument for wealth”.

The Maha Meru Shree Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. In the cosmos there are three states-creation, establishment and destruction and these are represented by the three circles in the Shree Yantra which in itself is the symbol of the universe or cosmos. When this circle is the elevated it stands as a symbol of sumerumountain balancing the whole universe and it contains of all the worlds situated in the sumerumountain, as described in puranas. It is called “Meru Prastha Shree Yantra” and is the best of all. Shree Yantra is the worshipping place of the form of the super goddess Mahatripur Sundari. It is her divine abode. All the 33 crores gods and goddesses are worshipped in it and all other religious adorations are done here. It includes all the conducts, all the learning and all the elements.

Here are few benefits of Maha Meru Shree Yantra:
• For Family/ Business Growth & Success 
• Peace, Happiness, Wealth, Prosperity & Success
• Popularity, Power, Authority
• Spiritual Wealth

"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, 
Praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah"