Sunday, 14 December 2014

Narmada ShivLinga

The Narmada Linga is found in the sacred river Narmada. It is considered sacred by followers of Shiva. It requires no pranaprathishta ceremony as they are natural embodiments of Shiva himself. However they do require regular abisheka and puja to retain the maximum blessings from Lord Shiva. Worshippers of This linga receive the best in life relating to health, wealth, honour, prosperity, longevity and moksha. This linga purifies the surrounding area with divinity. Puja involving Bilva leaves, flowers and chanting of Mrityunjaya mantra is highly recommended when purchasing from us. We also recommend chanting Sri Rudram for our customers who receive this linga from us.

Daily Reflections: Self-Help

You know prayer is a powerful tool, but prayer is not the only thing. God’s grace is a must, but it will help those only who help themselves.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Our Own Creation

Our Own Creation
When I am happy, the universe looks happy, the trees appear to be blooming, the flowers are wonderful, the swans are gliding by on water. When you suffer, the whole world looks dark, gloomy, miserable. So believe me, in a most intimate, most hundred percent personal sense, for me the universe is what I create.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Selecting a Guru

Selecting a Guru
The solution of the problem as to what sort of man should be selected as a guide or guru is not difficult to seek. When our eyes are fixed on the final goal, we can never be satisfied with anyone who appears to be short of the mark. Every saint or yogi has got his own level of attainment and of self-elevation. If we attach ourselves with any one of them with faith and devotion, and secure merging with his highest condition, we will ourselves attain corresponding elevation. It is therefore absolutely necessary to select one of the highest attainments as our guru.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Knowledge

Reading books, hearing lectures, borrowing others' opinions, [a man] limits himself in quoting them. He repeats them like a parrot and does not make them as his own. Such knowledge we term as oral knowledge. But the knowledge of that person who understands the purpose of knowledge and makes it his own by experiencing, staying on it for some time and leading a practical life, is called knowledge in the real sense.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Karma

Why is action (karma) necessary? Action is the law of manifestation of life. Without action, it is not possible to infer the existence of a being. That is why every being having a body is required to perform action. It was so required before, and will be required in the future. Life cannot exist without manifestation, for this is the specialty of the nature of all existence and beings. No life can be without manifestation.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Maya

We have in our mind an idea of this great universe, which is, as we all know, the material manifestation of God. Generally we look upon it as maya or illusion, to distinguish it from the unchanging absolute Reality. People have tried to define maya in numerous different ways, not, perhaps, without some reasonable basis. It is really a Godly power which has brought into existence the entire creation in its different forms and shapes, and which regulates its entire working. We are all the while surrounded by this great power, and its effect is visible in all phases of our activity.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Forget and Forgive

Forget and Forgive
We should always forget and forgive. There is no question of 'when'. For your health, you must always forget and forgive. One easy solution is, put yourself in the other person's place. If I were that person, what would I want from other people? Would I look for forgiving and forgetting? Or will I say, punish me?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Honesty


The diary is a very useful instrument, a tool for you to record daily what is happening so that when you read after a year, you know what way it has gone. The crux of the whole thing is absolute honesty with yourself, with the world, and with your guru. You must be honest in your work.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Giving

Spirituality says, "Give." It doesn't even say, "Give and take." It only says, "Give." Give and go on giving so that by the very fact of giving, you empty yourself of everything that you have, and then you will find this miraculous thing that there is a vacuum, and that has to be filled by Nature. I don't know how many of you have read Lloyd C. Douglas, who preached this very same thing. He said, "Go on giving - irrespective of whether you have or not." So, go on giving and don't expect, because when you create a vacuum, it must be filled. This is the law of Nature.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Character

A good heart, benevolent feelings and a balanced mind lie as the foundation of character. It must be capable of standing firm in the world of daily work, temptation and trial, and be able to bear the wear and tear of actual life.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Daily Reflections: Vibrations

Whatever we think or contemplate produces vibrations within. When these vibrations multiply, they create power, which gushes out with a sound. The vibrations carry with them the effect of thoughts and feelings of individuals. So the pious effect of the pure minds in the company is likely to be spoiled by the evil effect of impious minds.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Daily Reflections: True Faith

True faith is really an unspeakable virtue which is beyond the scope of religion; it is the dauntless courage which leads us on to success; it is that ubiquitous force which makes our path smooth; it is in fact the only thing that solves our problem of life.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Gita Jayanthi

Gita Jayanthi

Gita Jayanti is a annual festival to recognize the day when Lord Krishna rendered Srimad Bagavath Gita to Arjuna on battlefield Kurukshetra.

Gita Jayanti is celebrated on Ekadasi tithi which is the 11th day of the waxing moon in the month of Margashirsha. This year it is celebrated on 2nd December. The Bagavath Gita is the most revered book in Hindusim and Spirituality. Lord Krishna defines what is the soul and its relationship to nature and the divine.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Daily Reflections: Right Path

The very first thing to be looked to seriously is that the path we select is the right one, leading directly to our goal. It is therefore quite essential to have in our mind a clear and definite conception of the final goal.... Hasty judgement in the matter often leads to disappointing results, for it is just possible that the path you have been persuaded to adopt may not be the right one leading to your destination. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Daily Reflections: Love & Marriage

I imagine that human beings have artificially romanticized love, and this is the consequence that we are able to love before marriage but not after marriage. We must learn to love him whom we must love and not be wayward in this vital matter. Which means that we have to develop the capacity to love the one chosen for us, irrespective of how the spouse is chosen, whether it is in the western way of love marriage or the eastern way of an arranged marriag

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Daily Reflections: Do Good Now

There is an old saying in English, "I shall pass this way but once. Any good that I can do or any happiness that I can give, let me do it now, for I may never pass this way again." So, when you understand the profundity of life, that though the soul is perpetual, life is not a perpetual thing – not the bodily life – then you will feel that you don’t have much time to do what is good. Whatever good I must do, I must do it now.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Daily Reflections: Patience

"Woman only knows love, because she sends her children out to school, she sends her husband out to the office, and patiently waits until they come back, prayerfully perhaps, but patiently." Because prayer cannot supplant patience. Patience also shows faith that this will happen. 

Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "Present Sahaj Marg with Love", pg. 73, by Revered Chariji

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pradosha Puja - Shiva

Pradhosha puja is one of the most important pujas performed to Lord Shiva. This puja is performed  between 4:30pm - 6:00pm twice a month when the moon is in the 13th tithi in the bright half (Sukla Paksha) or dark half (Krishna Paksha). Doing a abisheka with liquids or archana with bilva leaves is very auspicious and is said to burn countless sins from previous births.

Chanting Sri Rudram or Mrityunjaya Mantra is very effacious for relieving difficulties and receiving Shiva's grace.
Lord Shiva blesses his devotees with best in health, wealth and prosperity along with moksha.

Different liquids offer a specific benefit for the devotee:
Honey                   : Attractive Voice
Ghee                     : Moksha/Liberation
Yogurt                   : Good Progeny
Boiled Rice           : Kingly Comforts
Milk                       : Longevity
Coconut Juice      : Comforts in Life

We offer Shiva Lingas, Rudraksha malas and Shiva yantras to bring Lord Shiva's grace into your life. Please visit our shop for all your spiritual needs!
Thank you for your custom.

Om Namah Shivaya! 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Daily Reflections:SecretThings

Secret things are not sacred. Like the weaponry strength of powerful nations – these are secret things but they are hateful, devilish, demoniac things; they are not sacred. So secrecy hides devilry. Sacredness veils something which is divine, which is higher in value, which cannot be exposed to the profane gaze. 

Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "Present Sahaj Marg with Love", pg. 66, by Revered Chariji

Daily Reflections: Mind

Mind is the centre of this outer expansion of man in the form of human body, and everything which is exhibited through the medium of the body proceeds from the centre, the mind. If our mind comes to a harmonious state, circumstances and environments will have no effect on it and there will be no disturbance within. Peace and tranquillity shall reign all through under all circumstances. 

Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Ways and Means", pg. 30, by Babuji Maharaj

Monday, 17 November 2014

Daily Reflections: Seeding

When Babuji Maharaj first gives us our first sitting, he calls it 'seeding'. He puts the seed of Himself into our heart. That is why the heart in yogic terms is called the hridayayoni. It is a creation of a new life where you are reborn within yourself as a new being, provided you allow that seed to germinate, water it with bhakti (devotion), shraddha (faith) and dhyana (meditation); then another Master comes there. Not Master as a Master, but exactly like the Master - another human individual. 

Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "Throwing Off the Shackles of the Past", pg. 94, by Revered Chariji 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Our Work: Reflections

Resignation does not, however, mean that he should remain idle, doing nothing himself and depending all the time upon God, thinking that God will send him all that he requires if he so wills. 'God helps those who help themselves' is a common saying which is literally true. We are failing in our sacred duty if we do not exert ourselves for the discharge of our responsibilities pertaining either to this or to the next world. The only thing which should be borne in mind is that we work in accordance with the will of God and feel contented with the result, whatever it might be. 

Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Realisation", pg. 92, by Babuji Maharaj 

Friday, 31 October 2014


We practise bhakti, or devotion, in order to achieve communion with the Supreme Master. We look upon Him with faith and reverence. By degrees we become so closely intimate to Him that every other object loses prominence in our eyes. This is submission to the will of the Master, or in other words, the beginning of self-surrender. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Self-Surrender", pg. 87, by Babuji Maharaj 


With all the innumerable forms, from the finest to the grossest, man is in existence in the material world as a true copy of the universe or the entire manifestation of God, represented by a complete circle from the outermost circumference to the innermost centre or zero. Now, the innermost centre, or zero, of a man's existence and that of God's manifestation is really the same. Realisation of God means the same as the realisation of Self, and vice versa. 

Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Realisation", pg. 95, by Babuji Maharaj

Monday, 27 October 2014

Reflections: Goal

The goal of life means nothing but the point we have finally to arrive at. It is, in other words, the reminiscence of our homeland, or the primeval state of our present solid existence which we have finally to return to. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "The Goal of Life", pg. 23, by Babuji Maharaj 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Reflections: Humanization

It (spirituality) is a way of being which ensures that individuals change from inside, as different from education, which changes you from outside or intellectually.... So when human beings are able to be changed from inside, the first stage in that is humanization. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Ripples of Love", pg. 273, by Revered Chariji 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Maha Meru Shree Yantra

Maha Meru Shree Yantra is considered to be the supreme of all shree yantra.This is Maha Meru Shree Yantra exclusive used for Rudra Pujan. Even very much used for Laxmi Yaganas. sriyantra - sriyantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful yantra. Its archetypal form is a ladder of spiritual ascent for the seeker. Viewed from the centre outwards, the Shree Yantra is a diagram of the hindu vision of the evolution of the cosmos. This ancient yantra has been used for millennia by higher in authority for attaining fame, power and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during kali-yuga to help achieve success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame. The Shree Yantra in the 3 dimensional meru type is popularly made in panchdatu meru prushtha Shree Yantra and is a multi pyramid cosmic grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers.

It is made of panchadhatu (five metals), Superfine 24 Carat Gold plated with geometrically perfect designed. Size of the yantra is 4” which considered being perfect according to our puranas. This is multi pyramidal geometry with Seven pyramid steps Sreeyantra brings in tremendous amount of affluence, abundance and harmony “Shree” means wealth and “Yantra” means Instrument - ”the instrument for wealth”.

The Maha Meru Shree Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. In the cosmos there are three states-creation, establishment and destruction and these are represented by the three circles in the Shree Yantra which in itself is the symbol of the universe or cosmos. When this circle is the elevated it stands as a symbol of sumerumountain balancing the whole universe and it contains of all the worlds situated in the sumerumountain, as described in puranas. It is called “Meru Prastha Shree Yantra” and is the best of all. Shree Yantra is the worshipping place of the form of the super goddess Mahatripur Sundari. It is her divine abode. All the 33 crores gods and goddesses are worshipped in it and all other religious adorations are done here. It includes all the conducts, all the learning and all the elements.

Here are few benefits of Maha Meru Shree Yantra:
• For Family/ Business Growth & Success 
• Peace, Happiness, Wealth, Prosperity & Success
• Popularity, Power, Authority
• Spiritual Wealth

"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, 
Praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah"

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Navratri 2014 - Nine Nights of Fun, Fast and Prayers

Goddess Durga
This festival of Navratri 2014 brings home new hope, joy, carries away the evil and negativity from our lives as we worship Goddess Durga! This is the time when the young and not so young step out of the house to enjoy. Did you know that the streets are filled with people wearing colorful clothes, carrying dandiyas? The days are full of Navratri songs, Garba dance, dandiya raas. People are immersed in utmost devotion to the Goddess and try to please her in various ways.

Navratri is popular among all age groups all over the country for its unique way of celebration. The festival not only comprises of prayers, devotion, mantras, poojas, but also singing, dancing, celebrating, wearing new clothes, preparing sweets and much more. This year the dates of Navratri fall from 25th September to 3rd October. Day one is the ritual of Ghatasthapana, where the women of the house fill an earthen pot with mud along with special grains and preserve it for nine days. Now this is the Goddess herself who is a guest in the homes of Hindus and will receive lots of love and devotion from here devotees. Of course Hindus are not allowed to indulge in drinking, eating garlic or meat.

Pepeoples Plyaing Garba Ras at Festivals

One of the most interesting things to observe is the Durga idol. Durga Poshakh comes in various colors and designs are draped on the idol and everyday different poshakh is worn on the Goddess. In various homes people chant Durga Chalisa everyday to please the Goddess. At nights Garba and Dandiya raas is played by men and women all over the country.

Navratri comprises of many rituals and worship of the various forms of Goddess. Durga pooja 2014 or Kali Pooja 2014 now has plenty of new songs, new way of celebrating the festival in an environment friendly way and helping others. The Durga or Kali Pooja Vidhi is carried out with great devotion and should be done in the right manner only. The ghtatasthapana Vidhi in Hindu culture is important as it represents ‘Shakti ‘or Durga as the universal mother and helps remove the miseries from life.

Durga Puja Pandal with Jhanki at Kolkata

Navratri is a huge festival and is once in a year extravaganza. Apart from the religious element of this festival, fun and celebrations are also an important part of it. Decorations, celebrations, fasting, feasting and gifting all are essential aspects. When we talk about decorations in a traditional way torans, door hangings and wall hangings  help enhance the traditional mood and ambiance.  There is another facet of this festival, which is about sharing love and care among our friends and relatives.  We show our love and gratitude to those whom we love by exchanging gifts. When it comes to gifting, you can choose from a wide range of products. And to make your giftmemorable, get a beautiful, attractive packing just made for the occasion suchas palm leaf baskets, pouches, boxes and more. 

This Navratri, seek Ma Durga’s blessings and bring happiness in your home!!

Monday, 15 September 2014


For removing various complexities of the heart, Lalaji Saheb asked the satsanghis to make friends of their enemies and the persons whom they dreaded, and directed them not to do to others which they themselves did not wish to be done by. He considered love to be the greatest tapas[penance]. 
Taken from the book "Truth Eternal (5th edn., 2010)", Chapter "Lalaji", pg. 15, by Lalaji Maharaj 

You see what you want to see. You get what you want to get. You become what you want to become. Sahaj Marg is nothing more than a great tradition offered by a great line of Gurus – offered to you to become what you should become, not what you want to become. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "Become What You Should Become", pg. 167, by Revered Chariji 

Echo of the Abhyasis
If I search me in myself, I do not find him. But there is something in its place. What is that? The echo of the abhyasis who remember me, thinking me as their own. What is this condition? Only my Master can say. I am aware neither of myself nor of God. If I think it deeply I only find Master and Master and nothing else. Now the echo of the seeker resounds in the Master alone, who in return gives out what is essential for approach, but the seeker should preserve it and grow in it. Heart is heart if it is diverted to God. Soul is soul if it jumps into the Ultimate Reality. 
Taken from the book "Letters of the Master, Vol. 3", Chapter "1970", pg. 70, by Babuji Maharaj 

The mind is our enemy, but the mind is also the only instrument through which we can gain this victory and make sure that human birth makes use of this very valuable opportunity on earth to achieve the goal of human birth, which is to gain liberation from it. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "The Internal Victory", pg. 111, by Revered Chariji 

Usage of Time
As Babuji said, "If you want to evolve from here to There, it can be done in one second of time." Time is of no consequence. It is how we use it that matters. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2004, Vol. 2", Chapter "Wisdom – The Proper Utilisation of Time", pg. 183, by Revered Chariji 

If we consider ourselves great, we put up a wall to that greatness where we have to arrive. We create a bondage, so to say, that becomes an obstruction on the path. What's the harm? When we assume greatness, we start considering others as low (insignificant). Now that path which we have to trudge also gets closed, and we are wholly lost, to all intents and purposes. We blow our own trumpet in our own thoughts, and lose a lot in the process. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "Message on the Eve of His 83rd Birthday Celebrations", pg. 433, by Babuji Maharaj 

Beneficial Habits
He [man] must also cultivate habits which will be conducive to his efforts for shattering the network. For instance, the ears should attend only to noble talks; the eyes should see only that which is pious and good; the heart should be inclined only towards that which is virtuous. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)", Chapter "Maxim 4", pg. 222, by Babuji Maharaj 

God Is Not a Judge
Religious philosophies or systems make it necessary for some sort of a divinely dispensing deity who is sitting there dispensing judgement: you shall be punished, you shall be rewarded. Now, according to Sahaj Marg, there is a very fundamental departure from that concept – that God is not a judge, God can never judge. 
Taken from the book "The Fruit of the Tree", Chapter "Open House", pg. 174, by Revered Chariji 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shraddh 2014

Dedicate Faith and Sincerity to Your Ancestor by Performing Shraddh Religiously
There are two types of life; fundamental life and physical life. At the end of the physical, according to Hindu tradition you have to perform Shraddh. It is an important ritual in Hindu religion. It is believed that when someone performs the ritual or Puja, he/she gets blessing from the ancestors for a long, prosperous and healthy life. On the other hand, if someone refuses to perform it, she/he will face hurdles in the life. With the beliefs that the ritual or pujawill bring good wills in your life. It is a tribute that is paid to parents and ancestors, on the sacred day.

Express thanks and gratitude
The puja and ritual is a way to express respect and love for parents and ancestors and pray for the soul’s peace. It is also a day to remember them. The ritual is performed separately for mother and father. It is performed after a few days of the death of the parents or other relative, and also on the lunar date of death in every year.  It has a particular day to perform. It shall be performed on the day before Sharad Navaratri, which called Shraddh Paksha or in Pitru Paksha that is the sixteen lunar day period, starts from the full moon day of Bhadrapad to new moon day of the month of Ashwin. That new moon day is celebrated as Mahalaya.

Rituals to follow
On the day of the puja, the person who is performing the puja has to invite the Brahmans to perform the puja. The favorite foods of the ancestors are offered during the puja and performed a Homa. The Brahmins are also offered food. Finally, the Pinda Pradana serves for the peace of the soul of the ancestors. Pinda is round balls made by flour and rice, which is along with flowers; kusha grass and water are also served in the Pinda Pradana. Even, some foods are also served to the crow that is believed as the connecting creature between the world beyond lives and the living’s world. The ritual called Pitruroon.

Importance of PitruPaksha
Pitru Paksha is the period when someone dedicates homage to the ancestors, and it runs through 16 days. This period is considered as a very sacred time when one can get release from his Pitra dosh, by offering Pinda, doing Shraddh and tarpan to his ancestors. Annadaana or food donation is the major part of this period. These days, people offer food to their departed parents and other ancestors, and the pindadaan, shraddh and tarpan is done every day in this period. It is to believe that, performing these rituals in that time determines that the ancestors’ souls travel to heaven.

Take a look to the calendar
From 8th September, the Pitrupaksha 2014 is beginning. That is the first full moon day of the month of Bhadrapad. After 15 days the period is ending on 23rdSeptember, 2014. If someone died in an accident or by poison or murder, then Chaturdashi is the day to perform the shraddh. However, you must consult to your priest before performing any ritual. You will get the whole list of the rituals and the calendar on the internet and from the priest as well.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Keep Him Pleased
When people are in need of money, they try to make friendship with the rich. All that is possible is done to keep them (rich people) pleased. And when they are pleased, people become ready to serve them to such an extent that their friendship becomes intimate, fulfilling every need of theirs. If we do the same thing with God, and keep Him pleased, it is possible that His grace may descend on us, which we cannot hope for from the rich. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "1948", pg. 313, by Babuji Maharaj 

Love Infinite Bliss
[Lalaji in intercommunication with Babuji] "What is love? It is the shadow of the Ultimate, and the principal jewel of man. The shadow disappears when it comes under light. In worldly matters, one generally loves the pleasure of the senses. It is easy because the senses are inclined towards it. If the same thing is moulded towards That, then everything can be achieved. That is, if love is developed for that Infinite Bliss, excellent results will follow." 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "1946", pg. 291, by Babuji Maharaj 

Gift for Master
On the basis of my personal experience, I suggest a simple process which can be followed by all quite easily. If one can sell his heart, i.e. make a gift of it to the Divine Master, hardly anything more remains to be done. This shall naturally bring him to the state of absorbency in the Infinite Reality. The adoption of this easy and simple technique makes the beginning of the process the very end of it. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "Easiest Way to God Realisation", pg. 339, by Babuji Maharaj 

Service is easier than loving. Loving is a very difficult thing; service is very easy. Put your heart and serve somebody; you automatically get his love and his obligation to you, and he has to give you whatever he has to give you. But we should never serve with the idea of getting something. 
Taken from the book "Heart to Heart, Vol. 2", Chapter "Questions and Answers I", pg. 162, by Revered Chariji 

The Message
This is the message of the heart, the way of the heart. Go inside. Find the inner self. Learn to live with it. Learn to listen to the voice that you call conscience, which is coming out of it. Obey it fearlessly. Learn to give, in the true confidence that giving brings more and more for you to give, whereas keeping only sours the gift. Then we find this extraordinary miracle of any one of us perhaps becoming a saint who receives and receives unlimitedly, to go on giving, not retaining anything for himself, knowing that in that is his existence. 
Taken from the book "Heart to Heart, Vol. 4", Chapter "Way of the Heart", pg. 40, by Revered Chariji 

True Love
I believe that where there is true love, one must love the person and not what he does, or what he becomes. Nor must love change if the person changes. When I was in the Banaras Hindu University, I once approached the Vice Chancellor, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, for an autograph. He was a world-renowned philosopher-statesman, and went on to become the President of India. He wrote in my autograph book, "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds." 
Taken from the book "Down Memory Lane, Vol. 1 (2nd edn., 2011) ", Chapter "Appa", pg. 136, by Revered Chariji 

Sunday, 31 August 2014


Master's Address
You ask me how to know my real address. In the scriptural language I might say, "My address shall be known to you when you have realised yourself." But I shall prefer to reply it as, "When you become only myself." That means you must begin seeing me in you automatically, not purposely; or when the very same condition gets created in you, then alone shall you be able to know my real address. All this shall come to pass through the practice of meditation. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 2 (2nd Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "Clarifications", pg. 133, by Babuji Maharaj 

In a spiritual process, it is love that counts most. It compensates for many failures. It is like a flame constantly burning in a lantern used to light the way. How can one see clearly without it? This special light makes it possible to advance without fear, the obstacles on the way being now visible and avoidable. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2007", Chapter "The Eternal Connection", pg. 50, by Revered Chariji 

Be Happy
[Lalaji, in intercommunication with Babuji] "The secret behind my characteristic smile was that I was all the time absorbed in His attendance and would consider myself as an insignificant servant. I had nothing to do with outward show. I considered my entire belongings, including the house, to be His, and remained happy under all circumstances. You too should consider likewise and remain thankful." 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "1944", pg. 199, by Babuji Maharaj 

Practise in His Love
The easy way of practising Sahaj Marg is to do it out of love for Master because these are His instructions for our evolution. We should be concerned with regular and dedicated practice done in His remembrance. Then He becomes responsible for results, progress, transformation, whatever we might call it. If we are in His remembrance, unwanted habits and associations will drop off by themselves. So please entrust your weaknesses to Master and proceed with your practice. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 224, by Revered Chariji 

Constant Remembrance
Do not brood over sadness and pain, but exert your mind to constant remembrance; joy and bliss will develop in you. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 226, by Revered Chariji 

Practice and Remembrance
If I cannot remember him, let me remember his words. If I cannot remember his words, let me at least try to remember his teaching. If I cannot remember his teaching, let me practise what he taught. So you see, at each stage there is a remembrance of a sort. One cannot practise without remembering him, but practising what he taught is not the same as remembering. 
Taken from the book "Heart to Heart, Vol. 4", Chapter "Creativity", pg. 219, by Revered Chariji 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandest festivals that signify the birth of Lord Ganesh or Ganapati as he is called in some parts of India. He is the god of prosperity and wisdom and is celebrated in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. It comprises of plenty of rituals, offerings, songs that is carried out with complete devotion to the Lord.

Celebrating the festival
Yes, the festival is no short of any grandeur that we see in Diwali, especially in the western and southern parts of India. Lord Ganesh’s idol is brought home and is invoked by the aarti in almost all Hindu homes and temple before any auspicious beginning. Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a mantra that is a must during the festival. The Ganesh Poshakh can be bought to decorate the Lord on his birthday. His blessings are considered to be necessary and that is why this day gives most people the happiness and satisfaction as they bring the lord home and worship him for five, seven, ten or eleven days. Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja is the most important ritual that is performed in all the homes.

Pleasing the Lord
Now that the Lord is home for a few days, you have to please him and get his blessings for future of you and your family. There are various ways to please the Lord as he can be easily pleased. Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 is approaching and the shops are adorned with glitters and show pieces that are used to decorate homes and welcome the Lord. There are various images of the Lord and is considered to be the most attractive one in the whole world and is created in various sizes and colors. Various stores have Ganapati 2014 songs, bhajans and aartis that will please the Lord easily and give you satisfaction and peace of mind while chanting the Ganesh Mantra, or Vedic mantras which can also be bought. We do see plenty of online stores that have all pooja items that can be used for the daily Ganesh Chathruthi pooja in home or at office. If you love to collect pictures of the Lord, you can download some beautiful wallpapers to add fun to the celebrations. Besides you get to buy attractive items for the festival like Laxmi Ganesh idols, Coral Ganesh, Haridra Ganapati, Ganapati yantra, etc at affordable prices online.

The youngsters do not know the actual pooja or how to celebrate Ganesh Chathruti pooja in home or even the people living in USA. There are CDs available online or at the stores and even the detailed steps that are needed for the pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi information in Hindi and other languages. Along with Ganapathi, Goddess Parvati, the mother of Lord Ganesh is welcomed home and worshipped and is known as Gowri Ganesh pooja. The Gowri Ganesh festival date 2014 falls on the 3rd September. People pray to the Goddess to bring home properity and protect their home. Devotees are engaged the whole day wearing Ganesh Rudraksha mala or Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha, which is supposed to provide many health benefits. Ganesh parad is also considered good and kept in the house.

With the increase of the devotees and the number of idols that are being made, it has become a matter of concern with environmentalist as the Ganesh visarjan or the immersion of the idol of the Lord that takes place in the rivers, wells and the sea contaminate the waters and thus pose a risk to the health of man, animals, birds, trees etc. This is the reason why there are now many organizations who help people learn how to celebrate ganesh chathruthi in an eco friendly way.

Yes, it has become essential to take care of the environment when you celebrate the festival so that you can preserve what the God has already provided. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Meditate With Joy
We must make this moment a festive one. We must enjoy it. It must be a celebration of life. It must be an occasion in which, on which, through which, we try to merge with the inner, the Divine within us. It must be a moment of joy, hopefully, with His grace – a moment of achievement.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2007", Chapter "The Eternal Connection", pg. 51, by Revered Chariji

Sacrifice means not that you gave money to the church, or did some poor feeding or helped some student through class in his education. That is not sacrifice. Sacrifice, in my understanding, means never thinking of yourself. Unless you can stop thinking of yourself in any situation, at any time, anywhere, there is no sacrifice.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2010 (1st edn., 2011)", Chapter "Change the Future for Humanity", pg. 243, by Revered Chariji

Guru's Generosity
I am ever ready to bestow lavishly upon him who offers to prepare himself for having it. But so far none seems to have come up to have his bowl filled up to the brim. I have often offered to the abhyasis to rob me of all that I have, and to give me in return that which they have. Fair exchange is no robbery.
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 2 (2nd Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "My Pain", pg. 13, by Babuji Maharaj

Keep Master Happy

Keep your Master happy under all circumstances. Don't pit your desire against his plans. The Master has no desires. He has only plans: plans for the Mission, plans for the abhyasis – all for the welfare of the abhyasis, nothing for himself.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Keep the Master Happy Under All Circumstances", pg. 113, by Revered Chariji

Beautiful Challenge
Divest yourselves of useless things and get to the main thing. Don't waste your time with that which is not worth it. Be vigilant; time flies and cannot be made up. Serve your Master as best you can and love him above all; there lies your greatest and most beautiful challenge.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Message", pg. 139, by Revered Chariji

There is the secret, you see, that God cannot be a guru, whereas a guru can be God to us. My guru is my God. That is why Babuji, when he reached the sublimate state, was able to say, "If I ever saw God, it was because of my guru. To whom therefore should I be grateful, to God or to my guru?" Such a bold question can only come from one who has realised within himself the immensity of that truth that I have seen both, and this brought me There.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Understanding Spirituality", pg. 74, by Revered Chariji

Attachment and Detachment
He who renounces everything is a detached person. He goes beyond the levels of total detachment towards attachment, and this is the way of 'Not this, Not this' (Neti, Neti). The desired goal and ideal of both is one and the same. One is quite clear about it, whereas the other is devoid of clear vision. But even that is not total negation. How can there be the negation of negation? It appears to be mere jugglery of meaningless words. Internally he also aims at attachment, and there is no other way but to accept this attachment. Negation or renunciation is the way of pure knowledge, and attachment is the way of love and devotion, which is purely positive.
Taken from the book "Truth Eternal (5th edn., 2010)", Chapter "The Nature of Freedom or Liberation", pg. 135, by Lalaji Maharaj