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Master's Address
You ask me how to know my real address. In the scriptural language I might say, "My address shall be known to you when you have realised yourself." But I shall prefer to reply it as, "When you become only myself." That means you must begin seeing me in you automatically, not purposely; or when the very same condition gets created in you, then alone shall you be able to know my real address. All this shall come to pass through the practice of meditation. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 2 (2nd Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "Clarifications", pg. 133, by Babuji Maharaj 

In a spiritual process, it is love that counts most. It compensates for many failures. It is like a flame constantly burning in a lantern used to light the way. How can one see clearly without it? This special light makes it possible to advance without fear, the obstacles on the way being now visible and avoidable. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2007", Chapter "The Eternal Connection", pg. 50, by Revered Chariji 

Be Happy
[Lalaji, in intercommunication with Babuji] "The secret behind my characteristic smile was that I was all the time absorbed in His attendance and would consider myself as an insignificant servant. I had nothing to do with outward show. I considered my entire belongings, including the house, to be His, and remained happy under all circumstances. You too should consider likewise and remain thankful." 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "1944", pg. 199, by Babuji Maharaj 

Practise in His Love
The easy way of practising Sahaj Marg is to do it out of love for Master because these are His instructions for our evolution. We should be concerned with regular and dedicated practice done in His remembrance. Then He becomes responsible for results, progress, transformation, whatever we might call it. If we are in His remembrance, unwanted habits and associations will drop off by themselves. So please entrust your weaknesses to Master and proceed with your practice. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 224, by Revered Chariji 

Constant Remembrance
Do not brood over sadness and pain, but exert your mind to constant remembrance; joy and bliss will develop in you. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 226, by Revered Chariji 

Practice and Remembrance
If I cannot remember him, let me remember his words. If I cannot remember his words, let me at least try to remember his teaching. If I cannot remember his teaching, let me practise what he taught. So you see, at each stage there is a remembrance of a sort. One cannot practise without remembering him, but practising what he taught is not the same as remembering. 
Taken from the book "Heart to Heart, Vol. 4", Chapter "Creativity", pg. 219, by Revered Chariji 

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