Sunday, 31 August 2014


Master's Address
You ask me how to know my real address. In the scriptural language I might say, "My address shall be known to you when you have realised yourself." But I shall prefer to reply it as, "When you become only myself." That means you must begin seeing me in you automatically, not purposely; or when the very same condition gets created in you, then alone shall you be able to know my real address. All this shall come to pass through the practice of meditation. 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 2 (2nd Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "Clarifications", pg. 133, by Babuji Maharaj 

In a spiritual process, it is love that counts most. It compensates for many failures. It is like a flame constantly burning in a lantern used to light the way. How can one see clearly without it? This special light makes it possible to advance without fear, the obstacles on the way being now visible and avoidable. 
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2007", Chapter "The Eternal Connection", pg. 50, by Revered Chariji 

Be Happy
[Lalaji, in intercommunication with Babuji] "The secret behind my characteristic smile was that I was all the time absorbed in His attendance and would consider myself as an insignificant servant. I had nothing to do with outward show. I considered my entire belongings, including the house, to be His, and remained happy under all circumstances. You too should consider likewise and remain thankful." 
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 3 (1st Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "1944", pg. 199, by Babuji Maharaj 

Practise in His Love
The easy way of practising Sahaj Marg is to do it out of love for Master because these are His instructions for our evolution. We should be concerned with regular and dedicated practice done in His remembrance. Then He becomes responsible for results, progress, transformation, whatever we might call it. If we are in His remembrance, unwanted habits and associations will drop off by themselves. So please entrust your weaknesses to Master and proceed with your practice. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 224, by Revered Chariji 

Constant Remembrance
Do not brood over sadness and pain, but exert your mind to constant remembrance; joy and bliss will develop in you. 
Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3 (2013)", Chapter "Constant Remembrance", pg. 226, by Revered Chariji 

Practice and Remembrance
If I cannot remember him, let me remember his words. If I cannot remember his words, let me at least try to remember his teaching. If I cannot remember his teaching, let me practise what he taught. So you see, at each stage there is a remembrance of a sort. One cannot practise without remembering him, but practising what he taught is not the same as remembering. 
Taken from the book "Heart to Heart, Vol. 4", Chapter "Creativity", pg. 219, by Revered Chariji 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandest festivals that signify the birth of Lord Ganesh or Ganapati as he is called in some parts of India. He is the god of prosperity and wisdom and is celebrated in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. It comprises of plenty of rituals, offerings, songs that is carried out with complete devotion to the Lord.

Celebrating the festival
Yes, the festival is no short of any grandeur that we see in Diwali, especially in the western and southern parts of India. Lord Ganesh’s idol is brought home and is invoked by the aarti in almost all Hindu homes and temple before any auspicious beginning. Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a mantra that is a must during the festival. The Ganesh Poshakh can be bought to decorate the Lord on his birthday. His blessings are considered to be necessary and that is why this day gives most people the happiness and satisfaction as they bring the lord home and worship him for five, seven, ten or eleven days. Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja is the most important ritual that is performed in all the homes.

Pleasing the Lord
Now that the Lord is home for a few days, you have to please him and get his blessings for future of you and your family. There are various ways to please the Lord as he can be easily pleased. Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 is approaching and the shops are adorned with glitters and show pieces that are used to decorate homes and welcome the Lord. There are various images of the Lord and is considered to be the most attractive one in the whole world and is created in various sizes and colors. Various stores have Ganapati 2014 songs, bhajans and aartis that will please the Lord easily and give you satisfaction and peace of mind while chanting the Ganesh Mantra, or Vedic mantras which can also be bought. We do see plenty of online stores that have all pooja items that can be used for the daily Ganesh Chathruthi pooja in home or at office. If you love to collect pictures of the Lord, you can download some beautiful wallpapers to add fun to the celebrations. Besides you get to buy attractive items for the festival like Laxmi Ganesh idols, Coral Ganesh, Haridra Ganapati, Ganapati yantra, etc at affordable prices online.

The youngsters do not know the actual pooja or how to celebrate Ganesh Chathruti pooja in home or even the people living in USA. There are CDs available online or at the stores and even the detailed steps that are needed for the pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi information in Hindi and other languages. Along with Ganapathi, Goddess Parvati, the mother of Lord Ganesh is welcomed home and worshipped and is known as Gowri Ganesh pooja. The Gowri Ganesh festival date 2014 falls on the 3rd September. People pray to the Goddess to bring home properity and protect their home. Devotees are engaged the whole day wearing Ganesh Rudraksha mala or Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha, which is supposed to provide many health benefits. Ganesh parad is also considered good and kept in the house.

With the increase of the devotees and the number of idols that are being made, it has become a matter of concern with environmentalist as the Ganesh visarjan or the immersion of the idol of the Lord that takes place in the rivers, wells and the sea contaminate the waters and thus pose a risk to the health of man, animals, birds, trees etc. This is the reason why there are now many organizations who help people learn how to celebrate ganesh chathruthi in an eco friendly way.

Yes, it has become essential to take care of the environment when you celebrate the festival so that you can preserve what the God has already provided. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Meditate With Joy
We must make this moment a festive one. We must enjoy it. It must be a celebration of life. It must be an occasion in which, on which, through which, we try to merge with the inner, the Divine within us. It must be a moment of joy, hopefully, with His grace – a moment of achievement.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2007", Chapter "The Eternal Connection", pg. 51, by Revered Chariji

Sacrifice means not that you gave money to the church, or did some poor feeding or helped some student through class in his education. That is not sacrifice. Sacrifice, in my understanding, means never thinking of yourself. Unless you can stop thinking of yourself in any situation, at any time, anywhere, there is no sacrifice.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2010 (1st edn., 2011)", Chapter "Change the Future for Humanity", pg. 243, by Revered Chariji

Guru's Generosity
I am ever ready to bestow lavishly upon him who offers to prepare himself for having it. But so far none seems to have come up to have his bowl filled up to the brim. I have often offered to the abhyasis to rob me of all that I have, and to give me in return that which they have. Fair exchange is no robbery.
Taken from the book "Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 2 (2nd Indian edn., 1999)", Chapter "My Pain", pg. 13, by Babuji Maharaj

Keep Master Happy

Keep your Master happy under all circumstances. Don't pit your desire against his plans. The Master has no desires. He has only plans: plans for the Mission, plans for the abhyasis – all for the welfare of the abhyasis, nothing for himself.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Keep the Master Happy Under All Circumstances", pg. 113, by Revered Chariji

Beautiful Challenge
Divest yourselves of useless things and get to the main thing. Don't waste your time with that which is not worth it. Be vigilant; time flies and cannot be made up. Serve your Master as best you can and love him above all; there lies your greatest and most beautiful challenge.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Message", pg. 139, by Revered Chariji

There is the secret, you see, that God cannot be a guru, whereas a guru can be God to us. My guru is my God. That is why Babuji, when he reached the sublimate state, was able to say, "If I ever saw God, it was because of my guru. To whom therefore should I be grateful, to God or to my guru?" Such a bold question can only come from one who has realised within himself the immensity of that truth that I have seen both, and this brought me There.
Taken from the book "HeartSpeak 2009 (1st edn., 2010)", Chapter "Understanding Spirituality", pg. 74, by Revered Chariji

Attachment and Detachment
He who renounces everything is a detached person. He goes beyond the levels of total detachment towards attachment, and this is the way of 'Not this, Not this' (Neti, Neti). The desired goal and ideal of both is one and the same. One is quite clear about it, whereas the other is devoid of clear vision. But even that is not total negation. How can there be the negation of negation? It appears to be mere jugglery of meaningless words. Internally he also aims at attachment, and there is no other way but to accept this attachment. Negation or renunciation is the way of pure knowledge, and attachment is the way of love and devotion, which is purely positive.
Taken from the book "Truth Eternal (5th edn., 2010)", Chapter "The Nature of Freedom or Liberation", pg. 135, by Lalaji Maharaj

Friday, 1 August 2014

Raksha Bandhan Special !!!

Raksha Bandhan – The eternal celebration of sibling love

India has always put great emphasis on the bond of family, none more so than the one between a brother and sister. A brother always assumes the role of a friend, as well as a father, protecting his sister from all harm, and ensuring that she is always happy. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated each year by Hindus to reinforce this duty and to give siblings a chance to develop an even closer bond.

Some facts about Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan is held each year on the day of the full moon of the Shravan month as per the  Hindu calendar. It is celebrated with much gusto all over the country, and men often try to visit their sisters, irrespective of where they are living. Sweets are the traditional gift this day, although chocolates have become a very popular choice as well.

Celebrating Rakhi
The Rakhi serves as a token reminder of the promise that every brother makes to his sister on this day; the promise of protection. Over the years, the Rakhi that is tied by the sister to the arms of her brother has taken many forms. From a simple band made from many threads that are weaved together, to elaborate and often fancy wrist accessories, the Rakhi has seen many changes, although its significance remains unchanged. Lumba and Toran are also two very popular accessories and have come to define Raksha Bandhan for millions of Indians. For decorating homes, door hangings are also commonly used and add a touch of festivity to the home.

At the end of the day, Raksha Bandhan is about the undying love that siblings have for each other. All kinds of gifts are exchanged, copious amounts of sweets are consumed, and the entire family comes together to spend some fun filled yet meaningful time with each other.

Janam Ashtami – Close ties with Raksha Bandhan
Janam Asthtami, the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna is another festival celebrated by millions of Hindus, and has special ties with Raksha Bandhan because of a legend about how Lord Krishna once intervened to save the honor of her assumed sister Draupadi from the hands of the Kauravas. The festival is celebrated with much gusto. People fast all day and at the end of the day they perform an Abhishek ceremony of the idol of Lord Krishna, bathing him with milk and offering special incense, following which they break their fast. It is a truly remarkable Hindu festival and falls shortly after Raksha Bandhan.