Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Navratri 2014 - Nine Nights of Fun, Fast and Prayers

Goddess Durga
This festival of Navratri 2014 brings home new hope, joy, carries away the evil and negativity from our lives as we worship Goddess Durga! This is the time when the young and not so young step out of the house to enjoy. Did you know that the streets are filled with people wearing colorful clothes, carrying dandiyas? The days are full of Navratri songs, Garba dance, dandiya raas. People are immersed in utmost devotion to the Goddess and try to please her in various ways.

Navratri is popular among all age groups all over the country for its unique way of celebration. The festival not only comprises of prayers, devotion, mantras, poojas, but also singing, dancing, celebrating, wearing new clothes, preparing sweets and much more. This year the dates of Navratri fall from 25th September to 3rd October. Day one is the ritual of Ghatasthapana, where the women of the house fill an earthen pot with mud along with special grains and preserve it for nine days. Now this is the Goddess herself who is a guest in the homes of Hindus and will receive lots of love and devotion from here devotees. Of course Hindus are not allowed to indulge in drinking, eating garlic or meat.

Pepeoples Plyaing Garba Ras at Festivals

One of the most interesting things to observe is the Durga idol. Durga Poshakh comes in various colors and designs are draped on the idol and everyday different poshakh is worn on the Goddess. In various homes people chant Durga Chalisa everyday to please the Goddess. At nights Garba and Dandiya raas is played by men and women all over the country.

Navratri comprises of many rituals and worship of the various forms of Goddess. Durga pooja 2014 or Kali Pooja 2014 now has plenty of new songs, new way of celebrating the festival in an environment friendly way and helping others. The Durga or Kali Pooja Vidhi is carried out with great devotion and should be done in the right manner only. The ghtatasthapana Vidhi in Hindu culture is important as it represents ‘Shakti ‘or Durga as the universal mother and helps remove the miseries from life.

Durga Puja Pandal with Jhanki at Kolkata

Navratri is a huge festival and is once in a year extravaganza. Apart from the religious element of this festival, fun and celebrations are also an important part of it. Decorations, celebrations, fasting, feasting and gifting all are essential aspects. When we talk about decorations in a traditional way torans, door hangings and wall hangings  help enhance the traditional mood and ambiance.  There is another facet of this festival, which is about sharing love and care among our friends and relatives.  We show our love and gratitude to those whom we love by exchanging gifts. When it comes to gifting, you can choose from a wide range of products. And to make your giftmemorable, get a beautiful, attractive packing just made for the occasion suchas palm leaf baskets, pouches, boxes and more. 

This Navratri, seek Ma Durga’s blessings and bring happiness in your home!!

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