Monday, 14 April 2014

Jai Hanuman!

Hanuman Jayanti: Celebrating Birth of Lord Hanuman
Hanuman was the living embodiment of the power of Rama naama. Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was an ideal, selfless worker, a true karma yogi who worked without desire. Hanuman Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. As per Hindu calendar it is celebrated on Chaitra purnima. This year, Hanuman Jayanti will be most auspicious as it will fall on Tuesday, 15th of April 2014. Tuesday and Saturday are considered auspicious to worship Lord Hanuman. 

People across the nation believe that Hanuman provides them protection from the wrath of which craft or from the evil spirits. To express gratitude to the deity Hanuman, every year a grand celebration is organized on Hanuman Jayanti in several states across India on the full moon day.

Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the god. From early morning, devotees flock Hanuman temples to worship him. It is good to paaraayan (recite) Hanuman Chalisa on this auspicious day. People start their spiritual discourses before sunrise. They wear red or orange coloured clothes and observe a full day fast

They apply sindoor and place flowers to lord hanuman’s photo or idol. Offer jaggery, chana or besan ladoo as prasad. Devotees chant Hanuman Chalisa, 108 names of Hanumanji Sundarkand sing bhajans and mantras. There is huge celebration at temples across the nation. 

Lord Hanuman endows extraordinary power and wisdom. Devotees strongly believe that if one worships Lord Hanuman with full devotion he/she will get blessed for power, fame, courage and healthy physique. Lord hanuman is known as kashta bhanjan - the one who provides relief from problems. He is a friend of Lord Shani. So worshiping Hanumanji also provides relief from grah dosh especially mangal dosh and shani dosh. Worship of Hanuman protects you from the dangers and disturbances from enemies. He blesses us with strength, wisdom, courage and confidence. 

So get peace, power, purity – worship Lord Hanuman on his birth anniversary, send Hanuman Jayanti messages, wallpapers, images, gifts and more for friends and relatives. You can also buy worship items like japa malas and small idols made of mercury (parad), crystal (sphatik) or Ashtadhatu (8 metals) more online on this auspicious day. Happy Hanuman Jayanti Puja, 2014!  

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