Friday, 9 May 2014

Mohini Ekadashi

Observe a Fast on Mohini Ekadashi
Mohini Ekadashi occurs during the waxing phase of moon in the month of Vaisakha (April – May). This year Mohini Ekadasi will be celebrated on May 10. The greatness of this Ekadasi was explained by Vasistha to Lord Ram; also Lord Krishna narrated it to Yudishitira, the eldest of the Pandavas.

Sage Vasishta talks about this Ekadasi to Lord Ram who approaches the Sage with a heavy 
eart after his separation from Sita. Sage Vasishta suggests to Lord Ram he will be able to over the sadness and remorse by observing Mohini Ekadasi. As it will help him overcome ignorance and distress created by Maya. The sage also says that this Ekadasi helps in removing the burden of sins.

It is said that the fasting on Mohini Ekadasi is better than bathing in holy rivers and performing sacrifices. On Ekadasi, fasting from sunrise to next day morning sunrise is generally observed by many Hindus. Some observe the fast from the start time of Ekadasi Tithi and break the fast at the beginning of Dwadasi Tithi.

Fasting of Mohini Ekadashi removes the darkest illusory attachments to material existence. There is thus no better fast day in all the three worlds than this. And he who hears and studies the glories of Mohini Ekadashi achieves the merit of giving away one thousand cows in charity. Ekadashi fasting is suggested for devotees who seek for love and affection of Lord Vishnu. 

The benefits of fasting on this day are endless. This Ekadashi bestows upon the devotee eradication of the greatest sins that he has committed and is awarded passage to the spiritual abode. One is granted freedom from obstacles in his spiritual progress and grants him perfection of life. Fasting on this day removes all sins eternally. This is the most meritorious day for destroying all kinds of sins. This fast can be observed by anyone who is truly universal does not discriminate; rather he/she respects and embraces all cultures.
You can read stories of Mohini Ekadashi buy worship items, watch videos, chant mantras and enter into the world of spirituality on this auspicious day.

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